Firm Overview

Park Ridge Asset Management is a registered investment advisor in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our goal is to deliver objective and sophisticated advice on a fully discretionary basis to both individual and institutional investors. Our firm was started as a result of the partners’ belief that apart from the largest investors, most individuals and institutions were not receiving the quality of advice and service that they deserved. These investors are all too often forced to deal with a salesperson or relationship manager, rather than a true investment professional.

At Park Ridge Asset Management, our clients will work directly with the investment professional managing their account. We review each client’s situation from a unique perspective. Rather than trying to force our clients into pre-defined solutions or products, we develop a customized investment plan for each of our clients that includes carefully constructed portfolios using a disciplined investment process. This process includes:

  • Optimizing portfolios based on each client’s unique situation using dynamic asset allocation modeling
  • Identifying the most appropriate investment solutions, which includes the use of investment managers that we expect to outperform market indices and their peers overtime
  • A broad focus on risk management